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We slept in a bit more than normal today, and then sat sipping our morning coffee together with soft music and quiet conversation.

Once we were finished with our coffee, I left to drive to the store for groceries. I escaped with my wallet slightly under $100 lighter. I made several trips from the car to the kitchen and then put the groceries away before fixing lunch for Marilyn & I. We had roasted chicken, potato salad, and cottage cheese for a quick and tasty lunch.

I then carried trash to the dumpster, cleaned the kitchen, and did the dishes. I tried to keep Marilyn quiet I her chair with that ice pack but she insisted on getting up and doing two loads of laundry.

The sky outdoors changed from sunny to overcast which caused me some concern. It actually became sort of dark inside the RV.

Friends, Steve & Cathy called and are stopping by later this afternoon, bringing pizza, good conversation and laughter with them. We always enjoy that sort of visit.

Our grandson Colby is racing at the Palmyra Fair this evening so I am writing this journal early and planning to drive to Palmyra to watch him race. He has a dresser full of trophies already so I suspect Steve will soon be building a special display case for his son. LOL

I’ll let you know tomorrow how the race turned out. Either way we are certain that Life is Good!

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