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nobody can see me.............I'm as smart as a fox!

STOP THE TRAFFIC - I've got an itch!!!

just moseyin' along

wait for me!

dunes at Brackley Beach

everybody's safe..........Wadoberu's on duty!

kickin' back

beautiful spot

three gals relaxin'

spectacular beach

local art

life is good!

absolutely beautiful

The day dawned sunny with beautiful blue skies - a perfect day to explore the beachfront National Parks to the north. We cruised along, stopping many times to enjoy the trails and beaches. Parts of these parks were old homestead farms which are gone now with just the trails remaining. It was a popular area with many folks biking the excellent, almost flat bike path which runs the coast in this section of PEI. The red rocky headlands are spectacular with the blue ocean and sky and the green meadows combining to provide breathtaking views. There are no moose or deer on the island but we did have a couple of foxes appear out of the bush. They slowly made their way across the road in front of us before they scampered off into the tall grass. Cool!!

We then continued west coming to the Cavendish area. This has become a strip overrun with tourist traps. Mini-golf, go-carts, laser tag, paintball were among the dozens of venues built to attract people and it has worked like a charm, with hordes of families and tourists milling about. In our opinion it has completely ruined what was a pretty spot but obviously it works for some folks. Each to their own.

The girls wanted to visit a shop making potato soap so after a wrong turn here and an ooooops there, we finally located it on a pretty farm. The couple running the operation were from Toronto and came up with this idea when they bought in PEI and found work hard to find. The two of them were happy to show us around, explaining how they make their soap and how their techniques for making, curing and packaging the soap have improved with trial and error. They have improved sales and manufacturing to the point where they now employ a few people. Very nice folks who, when I mentioned the throngs at the attractions along the road, said local people avoid Cavendish for the summer and all those places shut down in the fall. Apparently the area is quite tranquil 9 months of the year. Think we should come back to see it then! Donna expertly directed us home weaving along the back roads that crisscross the entire island.

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