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Sitting on tire

Back tire clearance

Spot 212 needs air bags to work

We arrived at Fleetwood, we are in spot 212 that isn’t real level so maybe bags will malfunction. No they now hold up. Troy took us Wednesday and found a fitting leaking, not what he did a month ago. Fixed it, we moved to front row that is more level but more noisy as it’s on the road. They have us on the waiting list since Monday to look at the slide wires. Went to trees to these to see if Greg could work on slide wires binding, the slide would not open! Back to Fleetwood to wait. They had Bob look at us Thursday afternoon, will take it in Friday and he will see if some can be cut near the refrigerator to give more room. Otherwise slide will have to come out and they can’t work it in. We will see if this fix works, looks as if air is sagging a little but may be ok.tAir leak, went on rack Wednesday and worked on slide wires Friday. Still some settling but ok for now.

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