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Today was a “Doctor” day for both of us. For me it was simple, checking blood pressure to see if the meds are working properly and a blood test to check potassium level. (It was all good)

Marilyn had her knee examined and an X-Ray was taken. The problem turned out to be osteoarthritis so she received a Cortisone shot in the right knee. She was also given some exercises to strengthen her inner thighs which would help the knee.

We returned to Hannibal and drove to the Lowes store where I purchased the bulbs needed for our wall lamps. Our next stop was at the Café which is part of the Cave Hollow Complex. Marilyn asked me to get a pulled pork sandwich for her and I opted for a Reuben and fries.

We took our food back to the RV and relaxed with our lunch for a few minutes.

I drove to the office to check my schedule for leading tours so that we could decide which days we may spend in the company of our grandchildren.

We have more doctor visits on our schedule for tomorrow. First, an appointment for me in Palmyra and then another for Marilyn here in Hannibal. Three weeks from today I will have another CT scan as well as blood work and the day after that, they will do a “Mapping plan” to pinpoint the radiation which will begin September 5th.

Sorry for all the info here but several folks have been asking for an update on my cancer treatment and that is all I know at this time.

Lauren asked me if I would be the guide for her class when they come to visit the Mark Twain Cave so I have to make sure that happens. I was the guide when Colby’s class went through the cave and I want to do that for Lauren as well.

Life is Good!

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