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I have been on KP (Kitchen Patrol) duty for about a month over the past six days. Thinking that Marilyn would be back on her feet in a day or so, I did what any good, red blooded, American husband would do, I piled all the dirty dishes in the sink knowing that Marilyn would have things back in order in a day or two. Ha! That plan didn’t work out so well. After all, you can’t eat ice cream off a napkin with a Hunting Knife.

So, today, after making the bed, fixing coffee, carrying the trash to the dumpster, dumping the holding tanks, cleaning the grill, and fixing breakfast (We ate that with a salad fork), I knew it was crunch time. Marilyn still wasn’t well so I knew I had to do the dishes.

I must admit that I had no idea we had that many dishes, even though we use paper plates whenever we can. I even had dirty dishes piled in the large kettle I had used to fix the fresh corn-on-the-cob. I also learned not to use so much dish detergent. I had soap suds everywhere, and the sink soon filled up with rinse water. I had to drain water several times but the suds remains even after the water level goes down. Sigh…….

While I worked like a borrowed mule, Marilyn sat in her chair giggling and taking pictures with her phone camera. I will soon have everything back in order around here and can get back to my “Blue Jobs” like repair of a wall lamp, and putting air in the air-ride system.

I want to sit quietly this afternoon and work on my latest book project. My book sales are slow but steady and I am happy about my success in that endeavor.

Please continue to pray for John and Vernie, my cousins, who are fighting cancer. Thanks to all of you, I know that Life is Good!

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