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I thought I had one of the early tours today so I was up early, fixing coffee. It was cool outdoors so we had the door and windows open, enjoying the early morning sunshine.

When the coffee was finished off I headed for the shower and soon reappeared, dressed in my “cave-man” suit, ready to lead a tour.

I made sure that Marilyn was comfortable and that she had everything she needed for a couple of hours and then I drove to the gift shop. I chatted with several of the other guides and then asked Jordan at the ticket counter how many folks were signed up for my tour at 9:45. Jordan looked carefully at the schedule and informed me that we didn’t have a tour at 9:45 and I was scheduled to lead a tour at 11:45. I didn’t know about the time change but was happy to return home for a while.

I was back at the gift shop in time for my tour and had 31 people ready to go. We all had a good time and two young boys followed ne after the tour ended, asking questions about “Injun Joe”.

I explained that “Injun Joe” was a fictitious character based on a man named Joe Douglas who lived here in Hannibal at the time when Sam Clemens lived here as a young boy. I showed the young lads pictures of Joe Douglas and answered questions for them until the parents appeared and took them away.

When I arrived back at the RV, Jennifer and the grandkids were there, so we had another nice visit. Jen left the kids with us while she went grocery shopping, so Colby and I played some Ladder Golf and then watched some of the baseball game on TV.

When they all left for home I busied myself with dinner, grilling some steak and fixing fresh sweet corn as a side dish.

Life is Good!

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