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Once I announced that coffee was ready, Marilyn slowly climbed out of bed and hobbled her way to the living room where she is now safely ensconced in her recliner.

I served her coffee, fixed the ice pack for her knee, and prepared a breakfast burrito with some good salsa given to us by our friends, Jackie & Denny. I teased Marilyn about “Whipping her borrowed Mule” (Me) and we listened to soft music as we talked about our planned trip to the Rio Grande Valley in November.

We look forward so much to being back in the Valley in our Coach house Site at Retama Village. We do plan to put that property up for sale this coming winter but want to enjoy it one more time at least. We do love spending the winter in Texas.

Oh, I have to tell you, Marilyn & I were laughing about our health issues, with her bad knee and my hormone treatments. I mentioned that with her bad knee, she is really easy to catch, but with my hormone treatments, I can’t do anything about it once I catch her. LOL

On the serious side, I do humbly ask for your continued prayers for my two cousins who have cancer. John and Vernie Ray are great guys who have been dealt a tough hand to play. Both face the future with courage, grace, and humor. Your prayers are appreciated so much and I thank you. We certainly have been blessed by the gift of a loving family. They are special indeed.

Our wonderful daughter, Nurse Jennifer, does her best to take care of us with frequent visits, suggestions for care, knee brace, and assorted other “Good Samaritan” sorts of tasks. We sure do love her!

We have another fine day to enjoy life today so it is easy to say that Life is Good!

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