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I was up early but left Marilyn in bed as her knee was still hurting and she knew she could barely walk. I busied myself with washing the dishes in the sink, straightened the living room and the kitchen, and by that time, Marilyn hobbled to the living room to plant herself in the recliner. I fixed an ice pack for her, fixed a cup of coffee for her and made her a peanut butter sandwich for later.

Making sure that she was comfortable I then left, assuring her that I had my phone with me if she needed to get in touch.

I drove the car to the Ford Dealership to have a “Recall Letter” taken care of and they assured me that it would be finished around noon today.

Larry arrived and we headed to Fulton, Missouri where his truck was being repaired after he experienced a turbo problem last week. I had agreed to ride there with him and then drive one of the trucks back to Hannibal.

It rained on us all the way to Fulton and all the way back, and we were happy to be back before noon. I was even happier to see our car finished and ready to go.

It was lunch time so I picked up a breaded pork tenderloin sandwich for me and a “maid rite” sandwich for Marilyn. We had time to finish the sandwiches before Jennifer and the grandkids arrived. By this time the rain had stopped but it was too sloppy outdoors, so the little ones played inside.

Jennifer brought a knee brace for Marilyn and showed her how to use it.

Once our family left to return home, Marilyn & I relaxed. I actually took a nap in my recliner while Marilyn watched the TV.

Life is Good!

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