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I had a rough night trying to sleep for the third night in a row. Between hot flashes, several trips to the bathroom, and Marilyn waking me several times, I woke feeling worn out again.

We took time for our normal morning coffee before I drove to the Gift Shop to lead a tour of Mark Twain Cave at 9:30. We had not even one person signed up for a tour until five minutes before the starting time when a family of three people arrived and purchased tickets.

I joked with them that it would be a “Private Tour” and started the video prior to beginning the tour. As we watched the video we were joined by five more people. Then, when we walked outdoors for the short narrative at the map on the wall, five more people joined us. This last group of five included a nice, dapper looking gentleman, 95 years of age. One of the younger folks with him mentioned his age and asked me not to lose him in the cave.

Although he walked slower than the rest of the group, he and his wife told me that they enjoyed the tour very much.

I was home in time to share a lite lunch with Marilyn before we left to see the movie called “Dunkirk” which started at 1:00 PM. We purchased a large container of popcorn and a large soda for $2.00 each and watched the movie. It was interesting in a historical context and well done in the reality of aircraft scenes, and managed to keep our interest throughout.

We stopped at the Camp Store when we returned to the Cave Complex. Janie had received her copy of my first book, “My Journey to the Clouds” which she purchased for her son, and she had asked me to sign the book for her. I was happy to do that for Janie.

Now we are relaxing and remain convinced that Life is Good!

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