Trans-Siberian Railway 2017 travel blog

Early morning at the beach

Crepes and condensed milk for breakfast

Natural history museum

Russian buildings

Fountain we stumbled across

Sharing a seat with 3 monkeys

Today started with a last visit to the beach before breakfast.

Breakfast was my favourite - crepes and condensed milk. I had never tried this before Russia - it is seriously delicious.

Then the bus trip back to Irkutsk, which Gordon has offered to describe:

Gordon: Worst bus trip ever! (And that includes the time the pre-school teacher put me on the wrong bus after school, and I ended up in Whoop Whoop - a locale quite unfamiliar to me at such a tender age.) There's a reason there's an industry out there, compiling TV programs out of YouTube clips of a special sort of driving that can be found in Russia.

Liz again - I am surprised Gordon let the bus trip off so lightly. It was really scary, and by far the worst driving I have ever seen - both by our driver, and by everyone else on the road. And our seat belts did not work. No photos of this - I was too busy praying.

Surprised to find ourselves alive and back in Irkutsk, we headed to the Natural HIstory Museum.

Fine specimens of animals, both current and ancient.

Then an exploration of the main streets and statues and buildings and parks nearby.

This is a water fountain we stumbled across in a garden where public celebrations are held. There were many people out enjoying the summer evening.

We also found a statue park, which had these 5 monkeys sitting on a bench.

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