Trans-Siberian Railway 2017 travel blog

Main road


Russian Orthodox Church

View from outside guesthouse

Track markers


The day started out bright and sunny.

We walked down to the local shops to see what they had to offer.

The town is like a movie set from a Wild West movie.

Dirt roads.

Run down wooden houses.

Fences nearly falling down.

A few supermarkets - none looking particularly interested in having customers.

It hit 30 degrees by midday, so we headed home to change into cooler clothes.

A few minutes later, we were out exploring again.

This time along the coast.

We came to a small port.

You were taking your life in your own hands walking along the wharf.

The photo doesn't lie, and this is the only wharf, used all the time.

Next stop was in the local Russian Orthodox Church.

It was only very small.

I think with 6 people it would have been very cosy.

Outside, it had started to pour with rain, and the temperature had dropped dramatically.

So home again, this time to dry off and put on warmer clothes.

While the rain poured, we played table tennis.

Our accomodation is owned by a former Russian Olympic champion of table tennis, so of course there is a table tennis room, with 2 tables set up.

Kindly, I let Gordon win 2 of the 3 games.

The rain had lessened to drizzle, so we set out again in our dry, warmer clothes, and our wet weather gear over the top.

Of course, the sun soon came out, and we boiled.

Just the way the day was going.......

We explored Shamen Rock and the beaches near it.

Home just in time for 7pm dinner of Borscht soup.

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