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Today I want to tell you about my cousin who is suffering from cancer. Actually I have two cousins who now have cancer and both need your prayers.

John has always been blessed with a great sense of humor and time spent in his company guaranteed plenty of laughter and a wonderful sense of time well spent when you left. We often contacted John & Betty when we returned to the Hannibal area, and with the help of cousins, Mary and Bev, we all arranged to meet at one of our favorite places to share some great fried catfish and the company of one another.

When my brother Bill was alive he was a large part of the fun and enjoyment of our gatherings there. After Bill passed away, we remembered Bill and celebrated his life every time the large group of family gathered together. One of the things I did was to eat one catfish for Bill. That sort of became a tradition and I kidded John that he had better stay around because I didn’t think I could eat a fish for him and a fish for Bill. John just laughed, but while we spent time together at the hospital a few days ago, John said he wanted me to eat a fish and drink a beer for him.

John, I promise to do that for as long as this traditional “get-together” of the cousins continues.

John & Betty, along with Betty’s sister Margaret and Brother-in-law, Ken, spent time at Padre Island in Texas this past February and we were blessed to spend time together. Sitting on the beach at South Padre Island, attending the Mariachi Mass in San Juan, lunch at Fat Daddy’s BBQ, walking around the Don-Wes flea market, Happy Hour at our place in Mission, Texas, or a day across the border in Mexico, were all blessings to us because we were with these good people. I’m sure glad we had that time together.

John, you & Betty have been wonderful friends as well as relatives we love. You are great examples of what parents are supposed to be, and as Grandparents, there is no tribute other than “Papa that one was for you” in reference to a home run, needed from a grandchild.

This journal entry is too short to list the ways you have touched the lives of those of us who have shared laughter and tears with you.

May God bless both of you and your entire family. We love you.

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