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An interesting thing happened this morning. My plan was to get a haircut so I headed off to the barbershop which opens at 9:00. I arrived about 5 minutes early, hoping to be first in line. I noticed two elderly gentlemen sitting in rocking chairs on the front porch of the house where the barbershop is located. Obviously I would not be the first in line so I joined the two other guys on the porch. Now there were three of us elderly guys sitting together on the front porch.

We began a conversation about the “old days” when we were growing up, and it was a lively chat with similar experiences about baseball, bicycles, playing outdoors until dark, and assorted other “good times”.

I mentioned a short story I wrote years ago, called “Screen Doors & Windmills”. Some of you dear readers may recall that story as I did post it as a journal entry at one time. In the story I compared how growing up in a small town was similar in many ways to living the full-time RV life.

As we carried on our conversation, another guy walked right into the barbershop. When the three of us went in, the other guy was in the chair so we all waited to get our haircut and parted with handshakes and expressions of how much we all enjoyed our time on the porch.

That was a very pleasant way to start my day.

Marilyn also drove off to get her hair cut this morning. Both of us had time to grab a bite of lunch before leaving for a drive to Palmyra to visit Jennifer and the grandkids.

We continue to pray for both of my cousins who have cancer, knowing that Life is Good!

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