2017 North Carolina Mountains travel blog

On the road to Gatlinburg

A tunnel on I-40

Entering Tennessee

A rest stop with unique buildings

Some of the cargo from the crashed semi - getting it all...

One of the Trolley Stops in Gatlinburg

Downtown Gatlinburg Hwy 441

Another shot down 441 in Gatlinburg

One of the Dixie Stampede trucks running down 441

one of the many little outdoor malls off of the main drag...

Going on the Blue Ridge Parkway between Cherokee and Waynesville

Looking Glass Falls

One of the many Rhododendrons still in bloom

One of the blooms

Slick Rock Falls

Libby loved the road to Daniel Ridge Falls

Daniel Ridge Falls

A Rhododendron bloom near Daniel Ridge Falls

The stream coming from Daniel Ridge Falls

Falls on Log Hollow

A couple more weeks down the drain here in paradise so thought I would try another entry. Our daughter Michelle came in last Thursday the 13th and will be leaving to see her sister in MD tomorrow morning. While she was here we tried to show her some of the sights including Gatlinburg, the Blue Ridge Parkway, Maggie Valley and some falls in the Pisgah Forest. I have included a few pictures. We had waited on Michelle's arrival to visit a couple of these ourselves as we usually don't like to revisit attractions after seeing them once.

We went to Gatlinburg on last Monday to try and avoid the weekend crowds. Our arrival was delayed for about a half-hour due to a semi accident. We don't know if it was a single vehicle accident or whether anyone was hurt as all that was left by the time we got there was the contents of the trailer being cleared from the highway and the trailer itself all torn open. We had met a wrecker with the tractor on it all torn up earlier. Gatlinburg itself was still crowded but not overwhelming. The weather cooperated and it was a nice visit with Michelle and Doris enjoying the many little shops.

Tuesday, we drove through Maggie Valley (and noted where all the gift shops were) on our way to Cherokee where we also found the crowds bearable in their little shops. After leaving, we went to Soco Falls (pictures in an earlier post) before hopping up on the Blue Ridge Parkway to show Michelle a real view of the western NC mountains. Again the weather cooperated and we had great views of the Smokies.

Wednesday, we headed for a portion of the Pisgah Forest about an hour and a half away where many waterfalls are located in a small area. There we visited Looking Glass Falls, Slick Rock Falls, Daniel Ridge Falls (AKA Tom Springs Falls and Jackson Falls), and Falls on Log Hollow. With the exception of Slick Rock Falls they all had a lot of water flowing so were really nice to view. Looking Glass Falls was the largest and most easily accessed being right next to the road. Daniel Ridge and Log Hollow both involved a one-mile hike which made it the most walking Doris had done since her surgeries but she handled it well, though it did tire her out. It was all in all a very good trip and we enjoyed it a lot.

Thursday, Doris and Michelle went back into Maggie Valley to visit some of the shops we had noted on Tuesday - I stayed home and enjoyed a little "me" time!!

We had a very nice weekend just visiting and Michelle will be leaving early in the morning for her trip to see her sister, Misty, in Maryland - we will miss her!!

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