2017 Western Spring Fling travel blog

US 26

Double tows are pretty common in the West

Southeastern Wyoming is oil country

We also started seeing signs for Wall Drug - not this trip

One of the balloon crews from Douglas headed home

Were traveling through the Great Plains on US 26 - straight and...

A Corvette caravan on a Sunday drive

More US 26

They appreciate the petroleum industry in this part of Wyoming

Dogs like riding in the bed

A triceratops roaming the hills near Douglas.

I25 between Casper and Douglas

Farm equipment junk yard along I25

The elusive jackalope on the slopes near Douglas

As we've moved south through Wyoming the weather has turned blazing hot. We haven't needed the AC much as we've been traveling the past couple of months, but it appears we will need it from now on. The only problem is Winnie's dash AC is not cooling to capacity and the gen set won't run for more than about 20 minutes so we can't run the roof top units as we drive. It was a pretty uncomfortable ride today to Douglas, WY where we stopped for the night. Once we got to the Douglas KOA it took a long time for the roof top units to cool off the inside of Winnie. Since we only have a 30-amp electrical system, we can run both AC units at the same tine when it's really hot because they draw just about 30 amps. It takes jockeying back and forth between the bedroom unit and living room unit to cool down Winnie. Once the sun goes down, it cools off enough for both AC units to work. Of course it's almost cool enough outside to not need the AC. This is going to be an uncomfortable trip if we don't get either/or both the dash AC or gen set fixed.

When we arrived at the KOA I found out they were having a hot dog dinner. Hot dog, macaroni salad, chips and an Arnold Palmer to drink for just $5. I misunderstood that it was all you could eat for $5 when in fact it was one hot dog and one helping of macaroni salad. Not as enticing as all you can eat, but better than cooking in the hot weather. WE SAT IN THE PICNIC SHELTER WITH A couple of other campers and the KOA Workampers serving the food. The workers were from Michigan and the others were locals from Casper spending the weekend at the KOA. After dinner and conversation we headed back to Winnie in the hopes that it had cooled off a little.

Douglas is the home of the mythical jackalope, a jack rabbit with antelope horns. Douglas Herrick and his brother were hunters with taxidermy skills, and popularized the American jackalope by grafting deer antlers onto a jackrabbit carcass and selling the combination to a local hotel in Douglas, Wyoming. The Douglas Chamber of Commerce issues Jackalope Hunting Licenses to tourists. But we missed the one day season on June 31. We did manage to see one of the elusive creatures in the wild on one of the hills outside of town.

I've been monitoring a leaking rear tire for a couple of weeks. The inside rear tire has a slow leak and every couple of days I have to add air. I was afraid that it might have a nail in the tread that has caused the slow leak. There was a tire dealer in Douglas that I wanted to visit in the morning to have the tire checked. Stay tuned.

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