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A few weeks from now, we will mark our eleventh year as Full-Time RVers. During our time living this RV life we have spent time at some beautiful RV resorts, several RV Parks loosely called resorts, some simply RV Parks, and some campgrounds in different parts of the country.

In nearly all cases, the people we have met have been the kind of people we are happy to call friends. A few times we have encountered barking dogs, people who did not pick up after their dogs, a few people who drank too much and were loud and a bit unruly, However, this type of behavior is rare and by far the majority of RV folks are kind, considerate folks who obey the rules of the place where they are parked.

Several days ago, an old, dilapidated, motorhome pulled in and parked beside us. Two old gentlemen were inside along with three dogs. Later in the day we noticed that someone drove in and picked up the two older men and drove off, leaving the three dogs inside the motorhome.

The dogs barked continuously for the remainder of the day and we could hear the barking over the sound of our TV with our doors and windows closed and the A/C running.

Those two guys returned around dinner time and the dogs were allowed to be outdoors where the barking continued while the old guys did nothing. I thought they were probably leaving the next morning (Sunday) so I held my temper and tolerated the rude behavior. Once the dogs were taken indoors with the owners, the barking stopped and it was peaceful for the remainder of the evening.

It was loud barking which woke me and a glance at the clock showed 2:00 AM. I was simply too tired to get dressed and go out, and the barking stopped around 2:30 when I assume the owners allowed the dog back inside.

Unfortunately they didn’t leave until today and we had yet another round of barking, this time at 4:00 AM. This time it was short lived and peace soon returned. Then the diesel engine started at 6:00 AM and ran for at least 30 minutes as we lay thinking that at least they would soon pull away and we could go back to sleep. No such luck. They shut off the motor a bit after 6:30.

We shared our morning coffee and when I went outdoors the dogs began barking again. One dog wasn’t even on a leash. I asked the guy who sat outdoors smoking a cigar if they were leaving and he said “yes, after while.” I asked him why he started the motor so early if they weren’t leaving any time soon and he replied that he wanted to charge his battery.

Luckily, I held my temper and simply carried some items indoors.

It was around 10:00 AM this morning when they left. I hope to never see them again.

In spite of folks like that, I remain convinced that Life is Good!

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