2017 Western Spring Fling travel blog

Getting blown up

Wondering what's going on so early

If only I could get inside

First balloon aloft to the National Anthem

Silouhettes in the rising sun

Waiting their turn

Blue on blue

The rest of the field is ready

Another one aloft

Hello down there

Tiny moon over the balloons

Is my hair messed?

I'm amazed there are more fires

Bunny balloon

Colors fill the sky

Another "hillbilly" truck

Humpty Dumpty grabbing the sun

OK folks, I'm ready to fly

One flies and one doesn't

Did they read the sign? (The balloon is not really in the...

Sunburst over the sunflowers

The horses were more interested in me than the balloon landing

Getting ready for the After Glow

It's time to wake up for sunset

1, 2, 3 light up!

Daylight at dusk

Let the fire works begin

Stars and sunset





The end

I got up early for the Balloon Rally (Sue doesn't do 0700) at the local collage on Saturday. There were about 30 balloons the inflated and took off. It was a pretty calm morning and most of the balloons landed within a mile of the launch field. A couple were able to double back and land on the launch field. It was fun to watch and I got a few nice images. To top off the morning, I had pancakes and sausage at the Kiwanis Pancake Breakfast.

Sue went with me Saturday evening to see the After Glow performance by the balloon teams. The balloons are inflated and tethered to the ground while they periodically turn on the burners to light up the balloon envelop. Some of the team did not inflate their balloons, but were positioned around the perimeter and lit off their burners as the balloons did. This performance was not nearly as impressive as the on they do at the Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta, but then again this rally was small in comparison.

Following the After Glow, we drove up to Airport Hill to watch the fire works. It was the best fire works display that Sue and I have seen in years. It was a half hour of continuous fireworks. You could never tell which display was the finale because there were several. Near the end they set off some kind of explosion on the ground that reminded me of foo gas (flame fougasse to be correct). A variant of napalm that is set off along the ground. It created a wall of lame about 50 ft long and at least 20 ft high. It was a real shocker because it was so unexpected. The area around Riverton is so dry, that the fire works wound up starting several brush fires that the fire department had to extinguish while the show went on. The fire works were a great way to end the night.

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