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Lugano at night

Lugano fountain at night

Anna and I in front of fountain

Cal by Lago di Lugano

Me by Lago di Lugano

Lugano and our paddle boats

Cal on the paddle boat

Anna and I on the paddle boat

Lugano mountain

Me at a park in Lugano

Lugano park

Cal and statues


Lugano park

Lago di Lugano

Lugano at night

Anna, Brian, Nader, and Cal in Lugano

Nader, Cameron, Cal, Anna, Frank and Brian in Lugano

Anna and I in Lugano

Anna, cameron, Cal, Nader, Brian, Frank and I left for Lugano, Switzerland after class on Friday, and got there jst in time to be way past ready for dinner. After walking around aimlessly in search of a hotel, we walked around aimlessly in search of a restaurant. We ended up, of all things, eating at Mexican place that was actually really good (I know, who eats at a Mexican restaurant in Switzerland?). We walked around to check out the city for a little while after that, but were all pretty tired from the train ride so it didn't last long. On Saturday, we ate the free breakfast that came with the $40 a night rooms (the Swiss eat Nutella for breakfast too!!), and then checked out the BEAUTIFUL city. We went for a paddle boat ride on the lake in the middle of Lugano and got to see all of the scenery- mountains and water and green and gardens and very few tourists! We all wanted to eat sushi (again, typical Swiss fare...) because we all love it and saw several places while walking around Friday night (plus, it is practically impossible to find in Florence), but could not manage to find one anywhere, so we ended up at (cringe) McDonald's! And how much was the bill? 30 francs!!! Yes, apparently Switzerland (neutral as usual) has not caught up with the rest of Europe and switched to the euro, or managed to come up wit a dollar menu :). For dinner, we ate at an Italian restaurant, and then went out and drank wine while watching an outdoor beauty pageant. Don't ask. We left early this morning and came back to home sweet home. It seems so weird to say that when "home sweet home" is Florence, Italy!

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