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Peak season for lupine


First hay crop cut & baled in the San Luis Valley

Potato field blooming

Storms building as we head home from Alamosa

Broad-tailed hummingbirds at our feeder


Rufous hummingbird


We really did try to post yesterday - but the internet just wasn't moving - so waited until this morning.

We worked 3 afternoon/evenings last week. The other 4 days? Guess we just relaxed a little. The potluck this week was a hobo stew that everyone contributed to. We took cut-up smoked sausage & summer squash down mid-day for the stew & then took a Weight Watcher cherry cheesecake for dessert. Guess no one could tell the cheesecake was no fat/low fat - we brought an empty pan home.

The farmers market is now open Saturday mornings in Alamosa so we did our shopping on Saturday. We bought some nice tomatoes, cucumbers, onion & lettuce. The rest of our shopping didn't take long & we were able to get back out to Monte Vista for a great Northern New Mexican lunch at Mountain View Restaurant. We're having monsoon weather here now so we had great views of building storms as we drove home. We could see it raining in various places around the mountains - little thundershowers here & there.

We've spent some time sitting on our deck enjoying the weather before the storms build up in the afternoons. Judi sat with her camera taking pictures of the hummingbirds at our feeder one day. There is a little Rufous hummingbird that tries to control both feeders. He spends more time flying around fighting the other hummingbirds than he does eating. Fascinating to watch.

We're off for 5 days now. Maybe we'll do something this week. Ha!

More later...

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