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A Hobbit house

A view of Hobbiton

Green Dragon Inn

Beers at the Inn :)

Today we arrived in a random town called Matamata which has a huge population of around 2000 people. The main (and only) reason for coming here is to visit Hobbiton where part of The Lord of the Rings was filmed (it's where the Hobbits live!).

Our three hour guided tour took us to visit some of the tiny houses which were constructed during the making of the films and also a visit to the Green Dragon Inn pub which featured in both Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit. Part of the package included a beer especially brewed for the pub which you cannot buy anywhere else.

Overall it was a great experience despite the weather being the coldest in years thanks to a storm coming up from the south island. The storm has been so bad that our bus might be cancelled tomorrow meaning we may spend longer here than originally planned (and there isn't much else to do!).

P.s. Katie is also now a Lord of the Rings fan :)

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