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Marilyn & I were excited about friends Denny & Jackie arriving today. First, we watched the clock until we heard from Jennifer & Steve as we expected a call from them. We heard from the kids and then a text from Denny & Jackie letting us know that they were about an hour away.

We took our showers and dressed for the day, and then drove up to the Camp Store. We had mail waiting for us so we grabbed that and then we noticed Denny & Jackie driving in. We greeted them with hugs and escorted them to their site. When they were all set up, they walked over to see us in the hot, humid weather. Needless to say, we stayed indoors to visit, which we enjoyed very much. It was so nice to see these good friends again.

I was scheduled to lead a tour at 6:30 today. I drove to the office at a quarter to six thinking that my tour was at 6:15 so I spent some time visiting with the other guides and then led a group of senior citizens through the cave. They were a fine group of very nice folks from all over the country and we had a great time. I like it when I have as much fun as the folks on the tour.

It was close to 8:00 when I made it back home to watch some of the All-Star game.

My latest book (Number five in all) was published today in the e-book format. It is the third book in the “Living the Full-Time RV Life” series. I’ll have it available in print form soon. It is available on Amazon.com so you may check it out.

Life is Good!

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