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We stayed inside this morning and shared our coffee while listening to some soft music.

It didn’t take long to complete our morning chores once the coffee was finished off, and then Marilyn drove off to the store to pick up a couple of things we need.

While she was gone I began working on my book project. I had a bit under three chapters remaining to edit before it would be ready for publication so I stayed with it and finally finished the book around 3:00 PM. My eyes were blurry by the time I finished but I was really happy to get that part of the project completed. Now I have to format the manuscript and design a cover for the book.

I have rough drafts for eight more books so I won’t run out of things to do in the foreseeable future.

I grilled some burgers for dinner while Marilyn fixed all of the sides and condiments. They were delicious. We have vanilla ice cream and sliced peaches for later.

It was a hot and humid day today and is forecast to remain that way for a couple more days. Our friends, Denny & Jackie, will arrive tomorrow to spend a week here in the campground so I know we’ll have a lot of fun. We plan to meet with Steve & Cathy later in the week so that the six of us can enjoy dinner together. They also have met Denny & Jackie when we were in the Rio Grande Valley last winter.

The paddlewheel riverboat docks in Hannibal tomorrow and I plan to lead a tour of Mark Twain Cave for the passengers who wish to go along. That will be in the evening and should be fun.

No doubt about it, Life is Good!

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