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Still no Wi-Fi in the campground today so we ignored our electronic devices this morning and simply chatted as we sipped our coffee together. Both of us miss our friends who are mostly gathered together in Colorado. Normally we would be there also, sitting under the awning watching the deer and sharing coffee time with our friends who wander by.

Marilyn & I decided to make a batch of Gumbo today but needed shrimp so I headed off to Walmart and returned later with a lot more than shrimp. That’s the way I roll. While I was at the store I met several longtime friends and exchanged hugs with these good folks. It was nice to see them again.

Back at the RV I began cutting up the veggies for the “Holy Trinity” of Cajun cooking, onions, celery, and green pepper. I added garlic and cayenne pepper along with andouille sausage and later added shrimp, cooking everything in chicken broth rather than water. The rice and other seasonings were delicious when it was all finished. We each ate one bowl of Gumbo and Marilyn found room in the fridge for the left-overs which we’ll enjoy tomorrow.

Later in the afternoon we had a call from good friends, Denny & Jackie, who are coming to see us next week. We will have a full week to enjoy their company and that will be great! We met these fine people on a cruise ship many years ago, and have remained friends ever since.

Marilyn & I showered and dressed to meet friends, John & Julie, along with Geoff & Renee, at the Mexican restaurant in Palmyra. Geoff had asked me to sign my book for him which is always a bit embarrassing for me. I never dreamed that anyone would want my autograph for anything but I’ve had numerous requests for that recently and am trying to accept it as natural for anyone who writes a book that other people enjoy reading.

Life is Good!

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