2017 North Carolina Mountains travel blog

Tying down the awning and adding a sun shade screen makes a...

You can also see the flowers on each side of the Mothership

Begonias and Fushia on this side

The Begonia getting too much water this week with all the rain

But the Fushia likes it!

as do the Geraniums on the other side

Doris' favorite color

of course she likes this one as well

the small hanging pot of Dahlias too

The last three weeks have really flown by. After looking at the weather in Boone, we found it was always within one degree of here so we have decided to spend the whole summer here at Trails End instead of going up to Boone for two months - September and October. We have fallen in love with the place and the people staying here so it only makes sense to stay here instead of taking a chance on something unknown in Boone.

Since we are staying so long and on the same site, we also decided to upgrade our outside living arrangements a little. We have added the capability to tie the large patio awning down so it can handle higher winds than it normally can and hopefully we will have enough notice of a severe storm and can get it in to prevent damage. We have also added a sunscreen that hangs to the ground from the awning so our patio stays shaded, even in the afternoon when the sun is on that side. Since the Mothership is parked facing east-southeast, we have also ordered a sunscreen that will cover our windshield and keep everything much cooler in the coach in the mornings and early afternoon. It had to be custom made for our windshield so is taking a little longer than the other items.

Doris had already planted five hanging baskets so it is starting to look a lot homier. We even put a plastic tablecloth on the picnic table which we very rarely did when traveling! We always complained about parks that had too many long-term residents now we are one!!!

As you know Tuesday was July 4th. The park had a big shindig with them supplying chicken and hot dogs and the residents bringing a side dish or dessert. It was really nice and we must have had 30-40 attendees from this small park. After the dinner, the park put on an almost two-hour fireworks display which would rival many big-town displays. Sunday, we had helped the park hosts prepare many of the displays as it is very time consuming to attach the primer cord, etc to all of the different loads. That took a lot longer than them actually going off!

Our youngest daughter, Michelle, will be visiting us starting next Wednesday for a week or so before she visits her older sister, Misty, in Maryland and then returns to spend a few more days with us. We are looking forward to her visit and will then visit many of the tourist areas like Cherokee and Gatlinburg with her - once will most likely be enough!

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