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Grilled Ham and Cheese



Look how high



Me with carvings

One Budda


Mediation Pond

Giant Reclining Budda

Smaller replica

This morning we headed to a little French restaurant here in Bangkok but when we got there the power was out so we headed to another French bakery located in the Crystal Embassy Mall. The food was very good. The grilled ham and cheese sandwich had cheese toasted on the outside of the bread.

Then we went upstairs in the mall. It has seven levels. There is a huge bookstore with both English and Thai books. There was also a large play area for children. Lily and I had a lot of fun playing there.

We finished our day with more Wat. Wat Pho has a reclining Budda. Tomorrow starts a four-day Buddist Holiday so there were lots of school groups at the temple. It was interesting to see them in groups doing different things. Some were listening to a monk speak, some having a discussion with a monk, there were others who were painting, small groups were singing Buddist prayers, and many were just hanging out with their friends.

Tomorrow I get to help take care of Lily for a few hours while her mom and dad go to a movie. We plan to go to the aquarium. After that, it will be time to head to the airport and leave. So I will have to write about Saturday after I get back home.

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