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New reception center

Must use jacks

Greg finished up the toppers - stopped yesterday because it was too hot and so Ray helped him string the passenger side topper. Since he ordered the bedroom topper by mistake we are taking it in case we need to replace at a later date. He also finished the work on the cup holders - it was more of an access situation than originally appeared - had to get into the cabinet to get out the pull out tray but put on a very nice corian piece to hold eye glasses etc and that looks to much nicer than the old plastic. Somehow the cup holder just misses that pull out tray so that part of the job was easy. He also re glued the fold up table so hopefully it will stay together this time

We then got to the Fleetwood lot at a time break and got water and dumped before the line of coaches backed up. Spoke to a family there with a Navigator who are having all sorts of slide problems and have been here awhile and expect to be here longer. Spoke to another couple with a brand new Bounder their grey tank wasn't secured and fell out - so glad we have an older coach that may have been better built. We see more gas coaches and a couple of American Dreams - one older Eagle. Looks as if there are many warranty issues at the service center.

Went out to eat at Wings a new restaurant in Decatur, 40 Junction looks as if it's closed, it’s just closed for the 4th, good they have enough business to close in the busy summer.

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