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House for sale in Dinard one block from the water

Gym equipment on Boardwalk in Dinard

My guesthouse in Dinan

Horse carriage roads were lined with trees so horses and the carriage...



Dinan ramparts

Popular boulangerie in Dinan

View from Dinan from the ramparts

Beautiful scenery in Dinan

Dinan part 2. My second day in Dinan my train did not leave until late in the afternoon so I explored some more. You can get up on the ramparts and walk pretty much around the whole city. Beautiful views over the roof tops. I noticed this one Boulangerie that twice now had a line out the door. It was early Sunday morning so maybe because they close early. But after looking in the window I suspect that they're bread is really good.

The Brittany region is famous for their crepes. It's a big part of what they eat. I figured out the difference between a crepe and a gallete (which I had never heard of before) finally after carefully studying a menu. A gallete is essentially a savory crepe - e.g. With cheese and ham and mushrooms, or something like that. It may have a sauce to it and the crepe doesn't have everything in it necessarily. For example the mushrooms with cream sauce will be on the top. A crepe is a sweet one - such as with sugar and cinnamon or chocolate.

So my room was a bed and breakfast and Severine put out this HUGE display of food. Cheeses, different breads, fresh fruit, yogurt, homemade jams, sauces. And crepes. Now when I saw the crepes on the plate it look like a pizza. I thought it was two crepes with something inside. So naturally, I cut a slice out like one would cut a slice of pizza and I realized that it was actually a stack of very thin crepes - probably about 10 of them. I was supposed to take a crepe off the top and put it on my plate and then put some jam or sauce or something on it. But, as a SAT, I took a slice of the entire stack, proceeding to ruin all of them. My gracious host politely showed me the error of my way. The next morning, the top crepe was dog eared in two places so I could clearly see what the stack of crepes was all about. Sigh.

Just an FYI it's been very hard to choose what pictures would go online to this journal. I was only allowed 150 per month with the free version. Well, I was having a photo storage problem too, so I ate the bullet and subscribed to the paid version so I now have unlimited photo uploads and they will be archived for me and sent to me on a DVD. So you'll now start seeing more pictures!

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