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We had plenty of time for coffee together this morning thanks to a tour schedule requiring me to begin at 11:00 for an 11:30 tour of Cameron Cave.

I had 15 people scheduled for this tour which begins with a walk of about ¼ mile up a hill to reach the entrance to the cave. There are no lights inside the cave so flashlights are given to each ticket holder and they are allowed to keep the lights after the tour.

I led the group as we started up the hill but a glance back showed 5 people lagging behind. I waited and yelled to ask if they were all ok. I received a positive response so I turned back to join the group.

A minute or so later I looked back again and this time I saw only two people, a lady and a young lad about six or seven years old. I waited and asked where the other three people were. The reply this time surprised me as the lady said, “Oh they turned around and went back. They didn’t know the walk would be so hard.”

I then hurried ahead to unlock the entrance to the cave so the people could get inside out of the hot and humid weather. Then I used my cell phone to call the gift shop, and reported that three people had turned around and asked if someone would check on them to make sure they were ok.

The remaining twelve people now joined me on the tour. They were a good group and we were all enjoying things, except for the lady and the young lad I mentioned earlier. That young man was not happy and he complained by whining loudly all the way. When the group reached a point near the entrance, I asked the lady if she would prefer that I lead them out of the cave rather than to finish the tour. She quickly agreed, informing me that she had twisted her ankle and wondered if I could call someone and have them bring a golf cart to take her and the young lad back to the parking area.

I took care of this issue and then completed the tour with the remaining ten guests, who all enjoyed the tour very much. Each of these folks took some time to thank me after the tour, shaking hands and telling me what a good tour it was.

Marilyn joined me at the camp store where the staff was serving chili hot dogs with chips and cookies to all the guides for lunch.

It was a fine day and all is well. Yep, Life is Good!

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