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Mo aligned

The day after our dinner conversation, we walked along the stone alignments. Direct access without a guide in high season is not allowed. English speaking guides start work next seek. We could ride the white tourist trolley/train for an overview of Carnac and the alignments. The trolley offers minimal commentary about the stones over the multiple-language audio guides. That's because next to nothing is known about the alignments.

Never mind. Anyone with interest in prehistory would be mesmerized. The neolithic alignments are at least 6,000 years old. Most likely, they were sacred ways leading to sacred spaces. We loved them.

We walked road shoulders and some side trails about eight kilometers to see the best alignments. We were lucky to have sun tempered by cool ocean breezes. A clever entrepreneur had set up a crepe and snack shop half way through. We stopped to eat. The service was at glacial speed, but the food was good.

I had expected Carnac to be a tiny village with a tacky museum. Instead, it is something of a seaside resort with prehistory thrown in. The prehistory museum is small but very good, mostly in French. Elsewhere, sophisticated apartments, summer homes, and condos abound. Plenty of restaurants, as well as gift and marine shops. I could not talk Mo into his and hers sailor shirts. She could not talk me into a man scarf.

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