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Bridgeport 1870 courthouse all decked out for the 4th

Marine mountain training facility on Sonora Pass road

West Walker River meanders through the valley

Sonora Pass

Wildflowers in the rocks

Rocks and downed trees - lots of drought damage to trees here

Columnar basalt on the side of the mountain

Overview with columnar basalt around the base

Good signage explaining the basalt columns

White wildflowers with yellow centers

Windflowers mixed with a small yellow wildflower

These red flowers add a lot to the wildflower mix

These purple flowers grow in starburst formations

26%? for real?

Sledders, sliders, and dogs

Mules Ears

Glacial morraines and volcanic debris

Leffert Falls

Looking toward Mt Emma and Emma Lake

Driving over Sonora Pass today was an experience in waterfalls - nearly one every 2 minutes, large and small. The pass climbs from 6000, our altitude here in Bridgeport, to 9500, with the warning of 25% ! grade (not for the motorhome!). Twists and turns galore, of course, as we climbed. Snow still exists at the upper altitudes. There were snowmobilers as well as folks in shorts with their saucer sleds going down slopes that were next to the road. The wildflowers are just starting to appear. Mules Ear with its yellow flowers is blooming in some nice large clumps in some places.

We hiked to Columns of the Gods, a columnar basalt formation on the side of several mountains where lava cooled in hexagonal columns. This formation is the same as the Devil's Postpile that we wanted to see in Mammoth Lakes that was still snowed in.

We ate lunch at a little mountain resort, the Dardanelles. They are just now able to start repairing the damage they sustained from the 5 feet of snow they had this winter. The roof to their bar has caved in and one of their cabins has a big tree on it. The temperature kept rising during the day and the snow was melting rapidly.

Back at the motorhome, the owners of the RV park hosted a cookout last night for everyone in the camp. They have an outdoor kitchen and there was plenty of food for everyone.

We drove out to Twin Lakes in the twilight and Ken caught a little of the sunset afterglow on the mountains. The mountains really block the sunsets around here.

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