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Several days ago, when we had the grandkids staying overnight with us, I had decided to drain some gray water out of the holding tank, just to be safe when the kids took showers. As soon as I pulled the handle to open the gray water valve, it became obvious that the hose had developed half a dozen leaks or maybe even more.

I had a busy morning today. As soon as Marilyn & I had finished our coffee, I went outdoors to replace the sewer hose which had numerous leaks. That took only a few minutes and then I dumped the holding tanks and carried the old hose to the dumpster.

I was soon on my way to work at the cave. The tour group consisted of 27 people, the same number as I had on the last tour I led. Everyone had fun and that makes my work so much more enjoyable.

I was scheduled to lead two tours but the second one was covered so I was off, although the staff asked if they could call me if they needed me to lead another tour.

Sure enough, I had the grill covered with chicken and BBQ sauce waiting, when my cell phone rang. “Ed, could you lead another tour, we need you about 1:30 this afternoon.” “Sure”. I replied. About half an hour later, the phone rang again and I was told that one of the other guides had made it back so I wouldn’t be needed and could just relax. Great!!

Marilyn fixed zucchini, squash, and onions to accompany the BBQ chicken and cottage cheese. I doubt if we’ll be hungry for anything this evening.

It has been a really good day and we are assured that Life is Good!

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