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In the coutyyard of my hotel

Breakfast/dining room

Mini bus, Navette, which is free around the old city area.

Love the architecture.

On a wooden building.

Looked interesting under a balcony.

St Michael's Church.

Amazing entrance ceiling with such detailed stone carving.

Some lovely windows as well.

Very interesting memorial in a side chapel.

Moustarderie I visited.

Inside the mustard shop.

They make a wide range of flavoured mustards.

Interior of L'église Notre-Dame de Dijon

Lovely window in L'église Notre-Dame de Dijon

L'église Notre-Dame de Dijon

L'église Notre-Dame de Dijon - note Joan of Arc on the right.

Exterior of L'église Notre-Dame de Dijon

My terrine entree.

My fish main course.

My chocolate cake dessert.

Interesting sweet/lolly shop.

They have a HUGE range.

Philippe Le Bon statue.

Tombs of some Dukes of Burgundy.

Amazing detail as part of the tombs.

Top detail on the tombs.

From a form Monastery - very intricate detail - 1300's.

Close up.

Renaissance room with many paintings.

Some of the art works.

Suits of armour at the museum.

A crest of arms in a stained-glass window.

A large amount of religious art on display.

Love the detail in some doors on the street.

A popular place after work.

Well a chemist would tell the truth?!

Day 9: In Dijon, exploring.

Weather: At 6:30pm I saw a sign on the chemist which said 28C, so I presume that is correct. Sunny at various times today.

Steps: 14 200 (8km). Hopefully, eating up all those calories taken in!!!

I decided to eat breakfast at the hotel and it was very good. They had a wide range of items and they were all of good quality. Even the coffee was quite good!!! After my daily chat with Jane after breakfast, NO BABY NEWS!!!, I headed out for the day. This morning Dijon had come to life after not much action yesterday. I just wandered around the street before visiting the Tourism Centre and collecting more information including the Owl’s Tour. I purchased the booklet which explains each ‘stop’ on the self-guided tour very well.

I visited St Michael’s Church as well as Notre-Dame de Dijon. Both lovely buildings with interesting and detailed entrance ways. They had some lovely stained glass windows and were in good upkeep. Notre-Dame’s history goes back to 1200’s and has a height of 18.3m with 34.2m at the ‘transept’ (centre of the cross made by the building), making it an impressive building. It is located near the market and an earlier building on the site was called Notre-Dame-du-Marché (Our Lady of the Market). I intend visiting the market tomorrow as it was closed today.

Next stop was the Fallot Moutarderie – Fallot Mustard Shop. This is located beside Notre-Dame and has such a wide range of mustards. The company dates back to 1840 and tastings are available before purchase. It was interesting looking around the store where they outlined the process of mustard making.

I decided to get a bit of an overview of Dijon so I caught the free bus, Navette, which took me to new locations and actually passed my hotel, so I alighted and returned to the hotel to ‘pay a visit’ and drop off just a few purchases!!! It was now after 1:00pm, so I decided to have lunch in the restaurant with their menu du jour for €22.50 for 3 courses. I was dressed in my usual holiday style and felt I should be more dressed when I entered the same room where I had eaten breakfast! Oh well! There were about 30 people having lunch and it was a lovely meal, served very well. I had a terrine, followed by a roasted piece of cod with a tomato-cream sauce with broad beans followed by a molten chocolate cake with caramel ice-cream. Yummo!! Accompanied by a lovely rosé and mineral water.

Time to go out again, so I walked back to the ‘old’ part and decided to visit Musée des Beaux-Arts de Dijon (Fine Arts Museum of Dijon)in the old Palace of the Dukes of Burgundy. This museum is a free one and contains works from the 5th to 18th Century and is contained within what was once the Duke’s Palace area. There is quite a deal of renovation happening near the museum and it will be expanded over the next few years. Most of the items displayed are of a religious background and some contain amazingly intricate detail. There are also Tombs of some of the Dukes of Burgundy. These were most interesting and were so beautiful in their detail. A number of Renaissance paintings are displayed in a separate area including works by Machiavelli, Lorenzo Lotto and Bernardo Luini. On an upper floor, there were religious artifacts from many centuries ago. It was an interesting visit and I would recommend it to anyone visiting Dijon.

I returned to my exploring of the city area and found what looked like ‘THE’ place to be – Place du Bareuzai. The central fountain has many cafes and restaurants nearby with large outdoor areas, all of which were full !! There was also a band playing Latin American music on one side and it gave a great feel to this area. It was good to stop and listen for a while.

Leaving this area, I walked further along towards Galeries Layfayette, which had a very similar design to the store in Reims. It was just a brief visit before returning to my hotel room some 14 000 steps later!! It has been another really good day and it was great to have the sun out.

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