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My love is over there with the stones

I'm fairly certain the following dialogue captures the essence of actual conversation.

Over dinner.....

Mo: do you think we could go there?

Jim: Mount son Mitchell, sure.

Mo: what did you say?

Jim: Mount some Michell.

Mo: no, you said Jean Valjean.

Jim: no, I didn't. That's the guy in Le Miz.

Mo: I know it's the guy in Le Miz. That's what you said.

Jim: I was trying to say Mount Saint Michelle.

Mo: you said Jean Vanjean.

Jim: I didn't say Jean Vanjean. Maybe I said the other guy's name.

Mo: what other guy? You mean the police guy chasing Jean Vanjean?

Jim: yes, the guy played by Hugh Jackman.

Mo: what was his name?

Jim: Jean Valjean?

Mo: no, the policeman.

Jim: I don't remember.

Mo: well, you didn't say Mont San Michel.

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