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Arrival in Bangkok

Breakfast at Tom n Tom

Sunny statue

Our hotel

Water Lily

Real Lily

Stages of Silk


Teak House

Looking at Displays


Fish in planter

Train station 1

train station 2

Today we arrived in Bangkok.

After we got off the train we took a taxi to our hotel.

After we got there we decided to head out for breakfast. We had breakfast at Tom n Tom's. It was a bit disappointing because their famous toast was "finished" for the day. Finished means they don't have any left. We had to make do with other choices.

We then went to the Jim Thompson House. Jim Thompson came to Thailand with the military at the end the World War Two. He loved the country and came back. He moved 6 traditional teak houses onto this sight in Bangkok and melded them together to make one house that blends aspect of both Thai and Western living. He helped to revive the silk industry. He disappeared mysteriously in 1967. His home and collections were turned into a museum.

We took the Bangkok Transit System elevated train to the Siam Paragon which is a very fancy shopping mall. It is four stories tall and takes up several buildings. We were able to get right back on the train without going back to the street which was a good thing because it had started to rain. After that we just went back to our room and relaxed.

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