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The grandkids stayed overnight with us last night so sleep was less restful than normal. We woke this morning feeling as if we would like to have another four or five hours of sleep.

Marilyn & I shared our coffee while visiting with the youngest family members, who were watching some TV and waiting for breakfast. Marilyn fixed omelets in a bag for the grandkids while I made myself ready to be a cave guide.

By the time we entered the cave I had twenty seven people on the tour. I noticed something on the floor of the cave as I walked toward the Jesse James Hideout room and the person behind me picked it up and handed it to me. Someone had dropped their credit card, so I put it in my pocket to turn in after the tour.

Everyone enjoyed the tour. One gentleman who is a teacher at a local school approached me after the tour, shook hands, and said “I have to get you in my classroom next fall”. We’ll see about that.

Quite a few of the folks on that tour chatted with me after the tour ended, telling me how much they enjoyed it. That was nice.

I expected another tour shortly after that one was finished but they had enough guides working and told me I could take off.

I returned to the RV, changed clothes, and suggested that we drive over to Palmyra, have lunch, and go to the ball park where the kids could hit some baseballs. We called Jennifer and had her meet us at a fast food place. It was when I pulled my credit card from my wallet that I recalled the card we had found in the cave.

After playing ball for an hour in the hot sun, we drove back to the RV where I recovered the credit card and took it to the camp store. No one had called about a missing card so the boss suggested that she call the credit card company and report it as found, then let them notify the card holder.

OK, I’ve done my good deed for the day.

Life is Good!

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