Johnson 2017 Western Trip travel blog

Reflections in Bridgeport Lake near the RV park

Little Virginia Lake

Original mountain cabin at Virginia Lake

Virginia Lakes Resort

The mountains are alive!

Wildflowers near Virginia Lakes

Clouds and wildflowers on the Lundy Canyon loop

Great clouds today

Overlook of Mono Lake

Even better overlook of Mono Lake

Sunset over the Mono Lake tufa

The tufa glow in the setting sun

Tufa reflections in the lake with soft evening sky

Tufa island on Mono Lake

Tufa with grasses as the sky darkens

Tufa silhouettes as the sun sets

Tufa in the pink backlight of sunset

A day of total serendipity! We drove the Virginia Lake loop into the Sierras and found the beginnings of the wild flower blooming. Virginia Lakes Resort was a surprise and a delight for lunch. What a gem of a place on Little Virginia Lake. The snow on the mountains goes right down to the 45 degree water. The trout fishermen use specialized rafts with their waders to fish these lakes.

The Lundy Canyon loop was beautiful, then we decided to follow a hint in a photo guide book. We drove up Log Cabin Road, a dirt road, steep, rutted, barely marked, and definitely adventurous! I rode on faith and my belief in Ken as a good driver! We climbed up the mountain until we came to the very top and could look out over Mono Lake!

Ken went back to Mono Lake for sunset over the tufa formations.

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