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Banana and carnal pancakes

Elephant one

Elephant Two

Elephant Three

Road One

Road Two

Driver is on the right side


Me looking out

Wat Tham Chiang Dao with Mountians


Fish pond

Looking up just outside cave

Statue guarding the entrance

Statue inside the cave

Inside the cave

Me peeking out to see if it was safe now

Our guide who was saying goodbye

Elephant 1

Elephant 2

Today we got up and went into the old city and had breakfast at The Coffee Club. The food was very tasty.

We stopped by a store called The Elephant Parade. It had big elephants outside similar to the Swans in Lakeland. Inside the store was replicas of all the elephants that were made and can be found around Chiang Mia.

After that, we took a trip up into the mountains. The road twisted back and forth. The scenery was very pretty though. I also spent some time playing with Lily in the car. She sang me Teddy Bear songs.

We went to the Wat Tham Chiang Dao which is the template that has a cave. To go into the cave you must have a guide who uses a Coleman lantern. Inside it was very slippery, very dark, and some places very tight. I stayed inside the backpack because I was afraid of getting lost in the cave. I even heard bats over my head. I don't think Ms. Karen would have gone in if she knew what it would be like.

After that we returned back to the hotel. We have to pack up because we leave tomorrow for Bangkok. I probably won't be able to post until we get to our hotel on Monday.

So the final thought for today is how much I enjoying looking at all the cute little elephant paintings where we have been staying here in Chiang Mai.

So plan between now and then are to go out for Pizza tonight. In the morning we will get up and go to All Saints Church. Ms. Karen's son Jacob is doing the preaching tomorrow. We will then go out to eat with friends from church. In the late afternoon, we will have to take all our bags to the train station. We will be taking the night train to Bangkok.

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