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Sometime during the night I felt sick. It was nothing more than sinus drainage but the result was a poor night of sleep.

We slept in until after 7:00 which is less than normal for us. We did enjoy our usual morning coffee together and then sat with the windows open watching the rain falling. We never did have to close the windows until the heat and humidity forced us to turn the A/C on and close the windows.

It seemed a good day to continue working on my book project and I completed Chapter Six. I was in the mood to continue and started on Chapter Seven but Jennifer and the Grandkids were coming in to visit, since the ball game for this evening was rained out.

I quickly devised a plan for a “Treasure Hunt” in the cave. The grandkids were excited about that so we drove up to the gift shop. I took the family into the Guide’s Lounge to study a photograph of a small dinosaur which is hidden in the cave. We read the clue several times and then headed into the cave with flashlights. As we walked toward the area of the cave where the dinosaur is hidden, they asked if they could see the Jesse James signature, so I took them back to that passageway and we found it after some diligent searching.

After looking at the signature for a couple of moments we continued on to search for the dinosaur but were unable to locate it. We finally gave up and headed back to the RV where the grandkids did several experiments from a book called “The Mad Scientist” which Colby had checked out from the Library.

Not long after completing several of the selected experiments, they all headed for home. Marilyn & I ate some left over BBQ and some cottage cheese.

Life is Good!

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