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We had time for our morning coffee before I took my shower and dressed for a day in the cave.

I had two tours scheduled. The first group had 14 people and the second group had 17. Both tours were fun and we all enjoyed them. I like it when I enjoy the tour as much as the paying customer enjoys the tour.

I had enough time to grab a ham sandwich and to change my shirt before we drove to Palmyra for an appointment with the doctor. Now I am taking medication for elevated blood pressure. Darn, I am falling apart.

A man who was sitting in the office when we arrived, watched as other people were called in to see a doctor. (There are two doctors working out of this office so we have no idea which doctor he wanted to see). He had watched as four other folks were called in so he went to the front desk in a foul mood, asking why four other people who came in after he arrived, were called already and he was still waiting. I don’t know what happened but one more person was called and this guy charged right to the desk, yelled at the young lady that she should call him when they were ready for him. He then stormed out of the office, jumped into his truck and roared out of the parking lot. As he stormed away, they called him but it was too late. He was gone.

Marilyn & I drove back to Hannibal, worked for a bit answering e-mails, ate a lite dinner, and then headed back to Palmyra to watch a ball game.

Life is Good!

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