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Marilyn & I were up early this morning, so we could share our usual morning coffee before the kids and grandkids arrived for a cookout. Marilyn had prepared homemade potato salad and coleslaw while I had country style boneless pork ribs ready for the grill. We also had vanilla ice cream with caramel topping for dessert.

We took our coffee outdoors to enjoy the beautiful morning while God entertained us with his natural symphony of wind in the trees, birds singing, and people strolling by, pausing to say “Hello” or “Good Morning”.

I started cooking early, knowing ahead of time that it would take two grilling sessions to cook all of the ribs. This worked out quite well because I had just taken the final batch of ribs off the grill when the family arrived. I was pleased to see that they had brought our screened room tent with them. We decided to eat before they all helped me set it up.

The food was tasty and I ate several helpings of Marilyn’s potato salad, which was awesome.

After eating, we decided to put the screened room up before dessert. With all the help it barely took longer than if I had done it myself and was a lot less effort for sure.

Marilyn, Jennifer, and Lauren sat in the screened room while Steve & Colby played catch in the large grassy area in front of our site here in the campground. I simply relaxed until it was time for ice cream.

Jennifer had planned for family photographs to be taken today so the family headed off around 3:00 in the afternoon.

Marilyn & I cleaned up and then relaxed. Marilyn went outdoors to read while I dozed for a few minutes as I pretended to be watching some of the PGA golf on TV.

Life is Good!

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