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The beach Sitges

Enjoying a beer

A quiet street in Sitges at dusk

Light shade made from recycled lighters

Light made from piano hammers

A bar in Sitges

After disembarking our ship on Saturday we got a taxi to the main train station in Barcelona and caught a train to Sitges, about 35 minutes south of Barcelona. Given we got to our hotel in Sitges about 11.30 am our room wasn't ready so we were able to leave our bags and get our first feel for Sitges. And what a great town it has turned out to be! We can see why so many people we know have been full of praise for this town.

As with the rest of Spain (and much of Europe) Sitges pretty much shuts down for siesta between 2 and 5 pm and so we decided to follow their lead and retire to our room and the air conditioning. It's in the low 30s here in the middle of the day so aircon is welcome. Recently just about everywhere we've been has been experiencing warmer that expected temps, up to about 37 in some places such as Athens and Crete.

Around 5 pm Saturday we headed out to check the action and grab a drink or two. Purely by chance (ha ha) we came across one of the main bar areas which was just starting to come alive with everyone heading to or from the beach. A beer or two was most welcome. We headed out again around 9 pm for dinner and then a few drinks in the main square. The whole town is alive late in the evening with thousands out for a stroll, a meal and a drink.

Today, Sunday, we went down to the hotel dining room for breakfast around 10.30 (breakfast is served until noon) then we headed out for a wander about 1 pm and came across a little gallery showing recycled material recovered from rubbish from the ocean. Some great work there along with other examples of recycling. It's now siesta time again so it's back in our hotel in the cool until the sea breeze comes in.

Somehow we think we might manage to make it out again later and join the throngs for a drink or two. Life's tough we know, but we must keep on keeping on!

Our best wishes to you, Graeme and Ron

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