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My love is over there with the ice cream

I'm fairly sure I almost got a full night's sleep thanks to black out curtains and forcing myself not to nap.

We left our airport hotel for terminal 5 at Stockholm Arlanda. If one arrives Arlanda at terminal 1 or 2 one gets the impression the airport is tiny. Add in 3,4,and 5, and the magnitude of the place is evident.

Our flight was slightly delayed, but loading was fast thanks to the unusual procedure of using both the front and rear hatches at the same time.

Norwegian Air is all efficiency. Nothing is included in your ticket except the privilege of having two bags. Coffee is 3 Euros, water 3 Euros, and so on. Toilet access was no charge, thankfully.

We were in Oslo airport long enough to discover it has no water fountains. Then it was front and rear loading for our flight to Bordeaux.

School must have just finished. We were surrounded by families with kids from sullen teens to toddlers allowed to crawl down the aisle. Earplugs are made for such flights.

Bordeaux airport was minimally signed, making exit a bit confusing. We found the bus ticket machine and used our credit card to charge 3 Euros for the ride to Bordeaux center. Well, almost center. We had to walk maybe 3/4 a mile to our hotel. Mo did not seem to appreciate the walk, especially when I overshot the location and took us around an extra block.

Our hotel is managed by the sister hotel around the corner. For a central location in high season, $72 seems reasonable.

Dinner was from Carrefour market. It was so disappointing that I had a Big Mac an hour later. Followed shortly by ice cream cones, of course. I'll watch my weight when we get home.

Tomorrow we take a train to Bergerac, where we meet Mo's friend Kath and the rest of the cast.

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