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We picked up Mike & Sandy at what he called an “Ungodly Hour” of 9:30 AM. Sandy immediately fell asleep as soon as we left the campground, while Mike peered through his squinted eyes at the scenery passing by the windows. He explained that he normally doesn’t wake up until 11:30 or maybe even 12:00 noon.

Sandy awoke when we arrived at the Black Jack Marina where Steve & Cathy waited to take all of us for a boat ride on Mark Twain Lake. We paused to feed some huge fish (Carp) next to the dock. Sandy opened her eyes when we yelled “Snake!” Indeed there was a snake swimming in the water.

Now that everyone was awake, we climbed aboard the very nice pontoon boat owned by Steve & Cathy. In no time we were headed for the deep water but the motor on the “S.S. Minnow” refused to run beyond an idle, so our scheduled three hour cruise turned into a three minute cruise according to our trusty timekeeper, named Mike, who could barely see his watch through his squinted eyes. They had returned to this mode as soon as he realized he was safe from that little 12” long snake.

A tour of the COE campgrounds was next, but Sandy slept through that, and we ended up going to “The Rustic Oak” for lunch.

Sandy woke up enough to enjoy a nice lunch with the rest of us and stayed awake for the tour of the Visitor’s Center.

We were back in Hannibal around 2:20 in the afternoon and woke Sandy when we arrived at the Garth Mansion.

Marilyn recorded Mike playing the awesomely beautiful 1869 Steinway Piano, and posted the video on her FB page.

We sure had a nice time with John & Julie at the Mansion and had Mike & Sandy back home for a nap by 4:00. Then Marilyn & I drove off to watch a ball game in Palmyra.

Now, I want to say to you Dear Readers that this journal entry was written with tongue in cheek, just to get a head start on anything our friend Mike might write. LOL

Life is Good!

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