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Overflow from Kenney Lake Dam on White River upstream from Rangely

Cave in rimrock across Kenney Lake from highway

View of Rifle Gap and reservoir from our trailer site

Rangeley to Rifle Gap State Park

Day 15: Monday June 19, 2017

Our move from Rangely to the Lakeview Campground in Rifle Gap State Park was short: 89 miles direct; however, we added a side trip through Meeker and we drove into Rifle to purchase dry ice at City Market—a total of 124 miles.

We departed the Buck & Bull RV Park in Rangely at 10:00 am and arrived at our site in Lakeview at 1:00 pm.

On the way to Rangely Friday June 16th the White River was high and muddy. When we passed the Kenney Lake Dam we noticed the overflow from the Dam; we were unable to get pictures at the time as we were going downstream away from the dam.

Today Maryann managed to get a good picture of the overflow; note: overflow equals the inflow from the river when the lake is full. As we traveled up the White River Valley to Meeker we noted that the water was murky, not muddy and the river level was lower.

Meeker is located east of the SR 12 south to Rifle and so Brian planned to go to the Wilderness Rendezvous RV Park east of Meeker and turn around. Unfortunately the park was closed with a For Sale sign when we arrived—and the entrances were blocked. So we had to drive further east about 5 miles before we found a place large enough to turn around with the trailer.

Our refrigerator has been holding marginal temperatures during this trip—in part due to the heat (90 degrees and above) much of the time. When this happens we have been able to locate and use dry ice to maintain the temperatures in the freezer and the refrigerator with the power turned off. As explained previously, this allows the system to recover and operate normally for several days.

With the refrigerator at the high end of the normal range yesterday and again this morning, Brian decided to drive into Rifle and purchase dry ice at City Market. This meant we had to drive back to the Rifle Gap turnoff and continue to our campground.

Apparently our troubles aren’t limited to the refrigerator. This afternoon the air conditioner hasn’t cooled the trailer—low eighties with the outside temperature around 90. We have already modified our travel plan by changing a stop in Green River, Utah to Grand Junction, CO to allow Brian to have some adjustments made to the truck and pickup the prescription at Walmart. We may be staying in Grand Junction more than a day.

There are several RV service centers in Grand Junction that can diagnose and repair or replace both the refrigerator and air conditioner.

We move to Grand Junction Wednesday. We’re going to schedule diagnosis and repair for the trailer before we leave here.

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