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our home in Kanab

outside BLM Visitor's Center



hummingbirds at Best Friends

Robin, we saw a face, do you?


outside Moqui Cave

looking up from just outside Moqui Cave

outside Kane County Visitor's Center




beautiful rock

entrance to Moqui Cave

Moqui Cave

me outside Moqui Cave

unbar area in Moqui Cave

dinosaur tracks

really neat painting in cave

Indian artifacts in Moqui Cave

neat natural rock on display

dance hall area

illuminous painted rocks in cave

outside Little Hollywood Museum

actually Stryofoam

boothill at Little Holluwood Museum

facade of house from The Attic Door

Let's go there horse!

house used in Outlaw Josey Wells

What cha in fer?

one of many plaques throughout Kanab

Kanab city sign

I know we had planned to drive over to the North Rim today, but decided since we had been doing so much driving lately we should stick close to home. A lot of the pictures are of the surrounding rock formations and scenery. The temperature was supposed to have reached 104 today, but don't think it got that high, although it was very hot with a heat advisory.

First stop was the Visitor's Center. As it turned out it was the Visitor's Center for the Bureau of Land Management. The ranger did have some information for us though so we gathered what he had and continued on our way.

I had looked at Trip Advisor for ideas on places to visit here in Kanab so we headed for the few that sounded interesting. We also stopped at another Visitor's Center for the county and picked up some more information.

The first place we stopped is the Best Friend Sanctuary, which is an animal rescue ranch. They apparently have all kinds of animals, but you can only tour on an organized tour, so we're going back probably on Saturday. Must be good because it is the #1 thing listed on Trip Advisor.

Next we stopped at Moqui Cave. It is a cave purchased in 1951, rescuing it from years of disuse, by a couple who then turned it into a fully-operational tavern and dance hall. It was open on Friday and Saturday evenings for dancing, food, and drinks. A cliff dwelling fa├žade welcomes you to take a tour of the museum. The host who took our money said she is the grand-daughter of the couple who purchased it and she gave a brief history of the cave. In the bar and cave area are exhibits of Native American artifacts, with more than 1,000 arrowheads, ceremonial points, jugs, pots, bowls and working tools of the Anasazi-Navajo. There are also many dinosaur tracks scattered around.

The Little Hollywood Movie Museum is made up of some of the sets from movies filmed in the Kanab area. They started making movies here in the 1920's and continued through the early 2000's. Most of the early ones and the ones related to the museum were westerns, such as The Outlaw Josey Wells. There were several TV shows filmed here also, Gunsmoke, Have Gun Will Travel, The Lone Ranger and others. Some of the buildings they have here look like adobe but is actually fiberglass or Styrofoam. There are plaques all over town which show some of the movie stars who were here and for what movie.

Once again, the rock formations in the area are incredible! The iron ore which dripped down the face of the rocks makes for some interesting patterns. Some of our friends who have been here said that Utah is probably one of the most beautiful spots and so far I have to agree.

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