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Niagara Falls, all three

American and Bridal Falls

Horseshoe Falls

Horseshoe Falls

Dressed to visit the bottom

All our friends, Wit and Nit are here too

Getting near the bottom

At the bottom, we got wet

Our stead into and out of the falls

Top of the falls

Top of the falls

American Fallls by night from our room

Horseshoe falls by night from our room

More by night

More by night

Fireworks from our room

More fireworks

Here comes Anne

Here is Anne

There goes Anne


Hi all,


Europe is left behind and the east coast of the USA is too not without a few excitements.

Getting to Niagara Falls via JFK new York,here was an adventure marked by lack of sleep and the usual American airline delays. It was always to have been a huge day but after getting to Heathrow, 7 hour flight, 5 hour time adjustment, 7 hour layover, 3 hour plane delay, booked taxi not turning up then a 45 minute taxi ride we arrived extremely buggered, Anne had some sleep on a the plane, Marco none. Reached hotel 3.15am and in bed by 4am. A huge day.

Niagara Falls did however not disappoint. No words can accurately describe it, awesome, amazing, incredible none do it justice. Our hotel room overlooked the Horseshoe falls on the Canadian side. That was a good start as it changed constantly, the mist from the falling water differed in height, density and appearance it was just unbelievable. We took a boat to the base of the falls. We got wet, very wet. At the base the noise was like a roaring train, the air full of moving water and wind, we were not there for long but it was an amazing experience.

We really just stayed at the falls area. We used the time to recover from the European leg and a couple of afternoon snoozes were grabbed. Niagara is very much a tourist strip the gardens at the at the top of the falls were beautiful making walking in the area a delight apart from the 12,387,897 tourists from London and Paris who followed us here. We constantly had to stop or avoid Wit taking a photo Nit smiling and poising then of course Nit taking a photo of Wit.

Anne looked thought and finally decided to tempt fate and did a 2200 foot zip line and loved it. Marco of course could not do it because he had to take photos well partially true, but really because heights, or the lack of it, is not his scene.

So the Niagara Falls leg was done, next New York.


Mum and Dad

UM and AA

GM and GD

Anne and Marco

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