Arrived at Likely Place Golf and RV

Dave was assigned to space 31

looking good in the wilds of northern California

Golf hole 1

view of the surrounding country

more of the surrounding country

On this day, Dave packed up the coach, Dudley, and headed north for his two day trip to Eugene, Oregon. Notice we said, "Dave Packed Up", that's because Rebecca departed the week before, taking our Honda CRV. She went up ahead so she could attend a church women's retreat. Dave, having been left behind, borrowed his brothers Camry (thank you Frank) for all the running around he needed to do. Well, anyway as Dave headed out of Reno in a northern direction he knew his first stop would be at the Likely Golf and RV. While there he'd be doing some golf and tidy up the geocache golf course. Our faithful readers recall, we worked here during the summer of 2011. It was one of the best experiences we've had while on the road.

So, as it turns out, Dave's golf game got a little shape up and his confidence a bit inflated. And he did tidy up that geocache for geocachers to follow. If you come to this fine little park, be sure to take the trail hike and ask the nice person in the office for the geocache sheet.

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