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Courtyard of our hotel.

Steps up to our room.





Triple bridge.

One of the four dragons guarding the bridge.

Locks on the bridge.

St. Nicholas' Cathedral.


At the top of the down staircase.

More stairs! (But we are going DOWN this time!)

Locked gate. Abandoned steps. Wonder what's up there?

Sunday, May 28, 2017


After a leisurely breakfast and getting ready, we walked throught the antique market. We were planning to do a guided city tour but it was getting very hot so we decided to do a river cruise instead.

The cruise was an hour long and not very exciting and interesting, but rather peaceful with a little breeze which was sorely needed! Today is going to be 30 degrees Celsius.

Brian was not feeling very energetic after our smoothies and cake (of course!) so he decided to go back to the room and relax. Eke wanted to walk around and explore the content of some of the stores! It was much quieter than Saturday - no market, no stalls selling crafts etc. Eke wandered through the inner city, looked in several interesting shops, visited the Church of St. Nicolas (very ornate) and bought some good cookies at one of the few stalls along the river. Then she discovered a park in one of the side streets with an outdoor cafe. While she was enjoying her cup of tea, twice she was asked for some money by men who were homeless. She gave them some money with the thought that even if the men were not totally honest, she was in a much better position financially than they were! The heat was getting to her also so she joined Brian for a few hours. We worked on the journal and managed to publish one more day. We are a week behind in sending the updates - will finish it at home!

Ivan has started a Facebook group for us: "The Intrepid Lunatics". We can join and post pictures and messages. Tonya had posted a message to those of us in Ljubljana with the question if we wanted to have dinner together. Of course we agreed!

We went out again around 5pm. On our walk we saw a dance group performing in the street. They used long sticks to scrape on the street while chanting. We were given a stick and were gently urged to join in - which we did! Then one of the young women laid down on the cobble stones and we all covered her with our sticks and stood around her. Then she started to move and shake off the sticks, touch herself as if to realize that she was alive and had a body. No words were spoken. We all followed her movements. Then we all laid face down on the pavement and followed the young woman's movements again. Not easy for us oldies to lay face down on a cobble street! The last thing was that we jumped up and all held hands. It was interesting to participate and actually have fun with it! The young people thanked us, gave us a pamphlet of the dance school that they were a part of, and we were on our way again. Another little adventure!

We ended up having a drink at an outdoor bar on the river while waiting for the others to arrive at our meeting spot - the 3 bridges. Tonya, Di and Russel, Mandy and Leah and we two enjoyed a good dinner and good company at an outdoor restaurant of course in the middle of the street in the old city where no cars are allowed.

This was really the final goodbye. Di and Russel are still staying until Wednesday, then they are off to Sicily. Tonya is travelling to Austria for a few days. Mandy is going to Zagreb and Leah isn flying to Athens for another week of holidays before going home.

We are going home tomorrow.

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