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The oldest village in Bali

Our guides handy work

The luwak

All the teas and coffee we got to try for free

Beautiful sunset

Today we left Amed and headed back to Seminyak. Our driver was very friendly and asked us if we wanted to stop at the oldest village in Bali on our journey back. We were not in a rush to get back to Seminyak so agreed.

The village was untouched, everyone who lived here were Hindu and of equal status. We had a local village man show us around and tell us all about the people who live in the village. He told us that people who are born in the village die here to and all the land belongs to the community. Only the locals are allowed to stay. He then took us to see his house and showed us what he can make. He used palm leaves as paper scraping designs on, he then used charcoal to rub on top to make the design stand out.

We also stopped at a honey farm. The farm talked us through how they make black honey and normal honey which we got to try. Black honey tastes a little sour but was tasty. They also made tea and coffee here. They had many varieties of both all of which they grew the ingredients for. They even had a luwak which they use to make there special coffee, this is the most expensive coffee in the world. The luwak eat the coffee seeds and poo them out, the poo is collected, dried and made into coffee. The coffee really did taste a lot smoother.

We finished the day by watching the sun set over the beautiful beach.

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