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We got up at 3:00 a.m. and drove to Savannah Airport only to find out that our originating flight was delayed to the extent that we would be unable to make our connection in Chicago to Salt Lake City. United gave us another option of flying to LaGuardia, then to Denver, then to Salt Lake City. This would dramatically increase our airtime, but having no choice, we accepted. The agent waived our checked baggage fee because we were inconvenienced. Nice.

One nice surprise - as we were descending into Newark we got to see the Freedom Tower.

All 3 of the United flights left on time and arrived early AND our bags made it all the way. While we were in the Denver airport I overhead the agent telling the passengers at the gate next to us that all flights into and out of Chicago were cancelled. Both Chicago airports were shut down.

At this point we decided that we were lucky that things happened the way they did or we may have been stuck at O'Hare Airport. Oh joy!!!

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